Fallout 4 Where to Sell Items: Maximize Your Profits in the Wasteland

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Welcome to the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4! As you navigate through the wasteland, you’ll come across an abundance of items that can be sold for valuable caps, the in-game currency. Knowing where to sell these items is crucial for surviving and thriving in this desolate world. In this guide, we’ll explore the best locations to sell your items, offer tips for maximizing profits, and address common questions to ensure you make the most out of your scavenging adventures.

Understanding the Importance of Selling Items in Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, selling items is a fundamental aspect of your survival. Caps are not only used to purchase essential supplies, weapons, and armor, but they also serve as a means of exchange with other characters in the game. Having a hefty supply of caps allows you to barter for better deals and increase your chances of survival in the unforgiving wasteland.

Best Places to Sell Items in Fallout 4

When it comes to selling items, certain locations in Fallout 4 offer better deals and prices than others. Here are some top locations to consider:

Diamond City Market

Diamond City Market is a bustling hub of trade in the Commonwealth. Here, you’ll find a variety of vendors, including clothing merchants, weapon dealers, and general traders. Among them is Arturo, a weapons dealer who pays generously for firearms, ammunition, and mods. Make sure to check out the surplus store, where you can sell your miscellaneous items for a fair price.


Goodneighbor, a haven for the less conventional characters in Fallout 4, is another excellent place to sell your loot. Cleo, the proprietor of the Memory Den, is known for her willingness to pay a premium for pre-war artifacts and unique items. In addition, Daisy, a quirky merchant in Goodneighbor, offers good prices for chems and medical supplies.

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Bunker Hill

Located in the heart of the Commonwealth, Bunker Hill is a marketplace where various factions converge. Traders from all walks of life gather here, providing a diverse range of buying options. You can find vendors willing to purchase weapons, armor, and general goods. Be sure to explore the market and interact with each vendor to find the best deals.

The Prydwen

If you’re aligned with the Brotherhood of Steel, The Prydwen is an excellent place to sell your items. This massive airship serves as the Brotherhood’s headquarters, housing numerous vendors who specialize in military-grade equipment. Selling your surplus weapons, ammunition, and power armor here can earn you substantial amounts of caps.


Covenant, a settlement located in the outskirts of the Commonwealth, offers a unique opportunity for traders. Penny Fitzgerald, the town’s resident merchant, pays well for a wide range of items, from weapons and armor to junk and miscellaneous goods. Don’t miss the chance to sell your unwanted items before leaving Covenant.

Arturo’s House in Diamond City

Apart from Arturo’s store in Diamond City Market, his personal residence is worth a visit. Arturo’s House is where he keeps a more extensive inventory, and you might find rare weapons and mods that fetch higher prices. Pay him a visit and see if there’s anything in his personal collection that catches your eye.

Trudy’s Diner in Drumlin Diner

Trudy’s Diner, located at Drumlin Diner, offers a unique opportunity to sell your loot to an independent merchant. Trudy herself is open to buying various items, including weapons, armor, and even power armor frames. While the prices may not be as high as specialized vendors, it’s a convenient option if you’re in the area.

Fallon’s Basement in Diamond City

Fallon, the owner of Fallon’s Basement in Diamond City, is known for his interest in purchasing clothing and outfits. If you’ve been hoarding suits, dresses, or other garments, Fallon is the person to visit. You can negotiate better prices with him if you have a high Charisma level or invest in the Barter skill.

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Tips for Efficiently Selling Items in Fallout 4

To maximize your profits when selling items in Fallout 4, consider the following tips:

Repair and Mod Items Before Selling

Repairing and modding items before selling them can significantly increase their value. Make use of your resources and crafting skills to improve the condition of weapons, armor, and other items. Vendors appreciate well-maintained goods and are more likely to offer higher prices.

Identify Valuable and Rare Items

Not all items are created equal. Some items, such as legendary weapons and rare collectibles, are more valuable than others. Take the time to identify these items and sell them to specialized vendors who are willing to pay a premium for unique finds.

Sell to Specialized Vendors for Higher Prices

Different vendors specialize in specific types of goods. Selling your items to the right vendor can result in better prices. For example, weapons and armor are best sold to weapon dealers, while chems and medical supplies can fetch higher prices from medical vendors. Tailor your selling strategy to match the specialties of each vendor.

Utilize the Barter Skill to Negotiate Better Prices

Investing in the Barter skill can give you an edge when negotiating prices with vendors. With higher Barter skill levels, you can haggle for better deals and potentially earn more caps for your items. Don’t underestimate the power of your negotiation skills in the wasteland.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Selling Items in Fallout 4

How do I know which items are worth selling?

Not all items are worth selling, especially those with low value or high weight. Focus on valuable items such as weapons, armor, chems, and rare collectibles. Consult vendors’ inventories to get an idea of the prices they offer for different items.

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Can I sell stolen items?

Yes, you can sell stolen items in Fallout 4. However, be cautious as some vendors may refuse to buy stolen goods or report you to the authorities. Fence vendors, such as Trashcan Carla, are more inclined to purchase stolen items without raising any suspicions.

Are there any items I should keep for quests or crafting?

Yes, certain items may be required for quests or crafting purposes. It’s advisable to keep unique quest items, crafting components, and rare materials unless you have duplicates or no immediate need for them. Always consider the potential future use of an item before selling it.

How often do vendor inventories reset?

Vendor inventories reset after a certain period of time. This timeframe can vary between vendors, but typically, inventories reset every 48 hours of gameplay. If you’re looking to sell more items or see if new stock has arrived, be sure to wait for the appropriate duration before revisiting vendors.


In the wasteland of Fallout 4, knowing where and how to sell your items is essential for survival. By utilizing the best locations, maximizing profits through repairs and mods, identifying valuable items, and utilizing your negotiation skills, you can amass a fortune in caps. Remember to consider the specialties of different vendors and keep important items for quests and crafting. Now venture forth, explore the Commonwealth, and turn your scavenged items into a valuable currency that will aid you in conquering this post-apocalyptic world.

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